About us

Our goals and core activities

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Who we are

Edinburgh Buddhist Studies is a network of research scholars convened at the University of Edinburgh and with members from across the north of the UK.

There are two distinctive unifying features to the network:

  1. a truly inter-disciplinary range of expertise and interests; and
  2. a focus on Buddhism in a range of contexts and encounters with other aspects of culture and society.

Both are reflected in the events and projects that we undertake.

These include academic symposia, lectures, workshops, and publication, as well as media and public engagement.

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Our mission

  • Foster interdisciplinary scholarship across the broad field of Buddhist studies;
  • Nurture, and shape the trajectory of, the future of Buddhist studies in the UK;
  • Promote improved public understanding of Buddhism;
  • Enhance the reputation of the University of Edinburgh as a key international hub for research, teaching, and outreach relating to Asian religions.


Edinburgh Buddhist Studies emerged out of an earlier Asian Religions Network, founded by Gregory Adam Scott and Naomi Appleton in 2014.


Edinburgh Buddhist Studies is generously supported by the Khyentse Foundation

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