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News and events related to Buddhist Studies and the members of Edinburgh Buddhist Studies.


We hold a range of events for different audiences: 

  • public lectures, seminars and academic conversations 
  • works-in-progress workshops for network members
  • special webinars for school teachers

For more information about our previous activities, visit our Past Events section.


Dissolving the World: An Introduction to Vasubandhu’s 'Twenty Verses'

poster- R. Nance

We are delighted to announce that Dr Richard Nance will be giving a lecture titled "Dissolving the World: An Introduction to Vasubandhu's 'Twenty Verses'" on Tuesday, April 25th from 4.30 pm to 6.30 pm. It will take place in Room G.06, 50 George Square.


Dr Richard Nance is from Indiana University, USA, currently here at the University of Edinburgh as a visiting scholar.

In this talk, Dr Richard Nance, a specialist in Indian and Tibetan Buddhist traditions, will explore the nature of ignorance and how it is diagnosed in Buddhist philosophical traditions. He will focus on Vasubandhu's 'Twenty Verses' and examine some of the main claims and arguments in the text.

Please find further information via this link:


Since January 2022, the Khyentse Foundation generously offered us a new grant to pursue our outreach work in schools.

Along with the tools and resources for teachers, more information can be found on the School Teaching page.


We are delighted to write with the good news that EBS has made an exciting hire for the Buddhist Languages & Cultures post.

This position has been made possible through generous funding from the Khyentse Foundation and Divinity at the University of Edinburgh. We had an outstanding pool of candidates, and we are pleased to welcome Upali Sraman to our team. Upali is currently pursuing his PhD in Religion at Emory University and is an ordained Buddhist priest with an MDiv from Harvard. He brings a wealth of expertise to our program and will be teaching Sanskrit, Pali, and Tibetan, in addition to offering courses on his dissertation research on bodily practice within the Vinaya. We look forward to having him join us and make significant contributions to our community.

The Buddhism Discovery Day (Thursday 15th June 2023)

Edinburgh Buddhist Studies will be holding the next Buddhism Discovery Day on Thursday 15th June 2023 between 10 am-2.30 pm. 

This is your chance for Highers and Advanced Highers pupils to meet Buddhist practitioners, attend taster lectures by Buddhist Studies academics, and to learn about Buddhism in a relaxed and informative way.  

More information soon!

If you want more information or would like to be added to our mailing list, please contact our Schools outreach officer Dr Paul Fuller: