PhD students

Profiles of PhD students.

Rusha Jin

"Zhanran’s Citations in the Zhiguan fuxing chuanhongjue"

Supervisors: Professor Naomi Appleton and Professor Joachim Gentz

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Yanxi Luo 

"The Baopuzi Neipian and Its Place in the Taoist Tradition"

Supervisors: Professor Joachim Gentz and Dr Julian Ward


Elodie Pascal

"Hidden Within: Memory, Materiality, and Merits in Japanese Buddhist Sculptures"

Supervisors: Dr Halle O'Neal and Dr Ian Astley

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Ding Kehan

"Buddhist Monastic Tea in Song-Yuan China: A Deconstruction of Chan-tea Culture"

Supervisors: Professor Joachim Gentz and Dr Ian Astley

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Carlos Garcia-Jane

Provisional title: "Iconicity and embodiment in Buddhist textual practices"

Supervisors: Professor Naomi Appleton and Dr Halle O'Neal

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Elisha Ager

Current tentative research title: "How the worldbuilding in recent folklore-related anime present a theme of nostalgia" 

Keywords: Japanese Buddhism in films/anime, the representation of Buddhism in fantasy worlds, and the connection between Japanese Buddhist deities and Shinto mythology (e.g. Benzaiten is both a Shinto kami and Buddhist deity).

Supervisors: Dr Yoko Matsumoto-Sturt (first supervisor), and Dr Ian Astley (second supervisor). 

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Kwok Wah Tung 

"From Nature to Art – The Material Culture of Medieval Zen Garden"

Supervisors: Dr Halle O’Neal and Dr Heather Pulliam